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Omaha’s Best Chiropractors

Visit Universal Wellness Source and meet with the best chiropractors in Omaha! Get relief from muscle pains, joint pains and spinal injury in our convenient chiropractic care center. Don’t let pain make your life miserable; consult one of our board-certified chiropractors today!


A physical injury can ruin your life or nag for months and years if gone untreated. Here at Universal Wellness Source, we consider it an honor & privilege to be one of Omaha’s “go-to” Chiropractor care clinics. Our mission is to help the people in our community lead pain-free and healthy lives. Whether you are suffering from an accident, injury or sports injury, consult a professional and experienced chiropractor for ultimate relief.

Effective and safe

Chiropractic is an effective and safe method for treating disorders, nerve-related injuries, and virtually any other physical injury. At UWS, we have a team of expert doctors and medical professionals who offer advanced chiropractic treatment to get to the source of your ailments. Our trained staff often works with joint and spine-related troubles. No matter your age or how chronic the condition is, consult a chiropractor in Omaha that you feel best resonates with you; communication and finding a chiropractor you are comfortable with can make all the difference.


Rethink powerful painkillers and surgeries and explore the latest techniques and treatments available in chiropractic to soothe your muscle and joint pains. Chiropractic care has been clinically studied to be highly beneficial in spinal injuries and ailments. It is a great responsibility to occupy the front lines of Omaha’s leading and most advanced chiropractic care providers.

Improving lives

Learn how chiropractic techniques, along with rehabilitation, has helped countless patients in dealing with pain and stress. Our friendly staff, cordial ambiance, and modest team of medical professionals ensure that our patients always get administered the best treatment.

Dr. Ashlin Gasiorowski Universal Wellness Source Lakeshore East

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